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Text & Dimensions

Add some text into the drawing as a description for objects.

1. Select Draw Text in the menu bar.
2. Input the text in the “Input data” dialogue box. Press “OK”.

3. Click at the position you want to put in the text.

Auto dimension
Display the dimension of the walls you choose.

1. Select Draw Auto dimension in the menu bar.

2. Click the walls you want to display the dimension. Right click to confirm.

Tip: In order not to make any confusion, only click the wall of a single room once at a time.

Line dimension
Measure the horizontal or the vertical distance between two points.

1. Select Draw - Line dimension in the menu bar, or click in the quick toolbar.
2. Move the mouse cursor to the workspace. Click one point as the first point. Then move the mouse to another position. A tip will be displayed to ask you to determine the second point, and dynamically shows the distance between the two points. Click to determine the second point.

3. Now, if you want the horizontal dimension, move the mouse to the lower left direction. For the vertical dimension, move to the top right direction.

Tips: Due to three wall construction methods, left side, center line and right side, each wall has three nodes including two outer nodes and one center node. It is recommended that you should combine snap settings with zoom out function to accurately snap the appropriate node for exact dimensioning. For example, when using the right side as the locate method, then locate based on the inner side endpoint of the wall.

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